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Of LABOUR DAY; – THIKA and my Chinese buddies

The Fourteen Falls
The Fourteen Falls
Talk of the Super Highway, of the evolution of Thika Road; every other factor there held constant the word is Thika. Wang Lu a friend of mine from China that I fondly refer to as Jet Lee’s daughter thinks someone has discovered some gold mines in Thika. She thinks Kenya ends at Thika. She can’t figure out why the only Super Highway in Kenya leads to/ends at Thika. Her father, Jet Lee as fondly referred to by us, an engineer with a Chinese construction firm, is of the opinion that we should open a dojo in Thika if not at the Royal Suburbs (Roysambu) – His favorite spot along the super highway. He is skeptical about going back to his village (whose name I forgot) in China’s Anhui Province while there is so much to do in Kenya. A project he’s been working on in the country is nearing completion. “You see,” he says, “In my one-billion-people country, you are likely to remain useless, unless you’re doing something significant,” he retorts adding that he is so much proud of his country. “In China we are so many, that now family trees have become bushes,” he jokes. On the other hand Jet Lee’s daughter is of the opinion that she needs some more time in Kenya, to continue enjoying her usual dose of Obusuma a.k.a Ugali at Blue Post and a brand of Ruaraka waters she enjoys having at some joint at the Royal Suburbs. I really do not know how it feels to be in a foreign country. Trust me, the only country I’ve frequently visited is some banana republic in slumber land every time I get two for the road and spend some good times in a ditch somewhere around Mathare’s area 4.
Part of Thika road; The Super Highway
It’s Labour Day, and everyone is on holiday. Jet Lee’s daughter, Jet Lee and I set off to demystify this Thika that Jet Lee’s daughter thinks has gold mines. To Thika from the city (consult your travel agent), there is none other better than the use public means to help you get a feel of the East African matatu, reformed touts, disciplined drivers and a newly constructed tarmac. But do I say. Now, hiring a cab in Thika is real gold. But do I say too. Therefore don’t forget to bring along your car…
A pineapple republic, Thika is located some 45 km from Nairobi and is arguably the industrial hub of central Kenya, more so Kiambu County and a prime pineapple growing area. It boasts of quite a significant number of manufacturing industries. Of the Blue Post Hotel: – Jet Lee’s daughter can’t believe that this hotel has been in existence since 1908 and was a stopover point for white settlers farming and living in central Kenya then. Some yards away is the Chania river which together with Thika river surround the town with natural waterfalls. Mentioning waterfalls, the Fourteen Falls come into mind.  About 15km from Thika and 65km from Nairobi, off Thika Garissa rd at Makutano Junction is the Fourteen Falls. Jet Lee indentifies this as his would-be dojo investment location. Unfortunately, that’s public land. Named Fourteen falls because of their fourteen successive falls of water, they are Athi River’s. Fishing, bird watching, boating and photography are some among other activities that take place at the falls. Down south east is Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park a popular picnic and corporate recreational site.
Kilimambogo at a-far

Yards away from the falls is the famous Kilimambogo. Kilimambogo is a Swahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo. There is a lot to see at the ‘mountain.’ It was home to the late Sir Macmillan, a great philanthropist. Half way uphill, are the graves of Sir Macmillan, his wife and their house helper. Sir Macmillan, on separate occasions, entertained Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, and Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

By dusk the Jet Lee’s and I had ventured to all the latter. Labor Day had made the Tuesday a new Friday, thus we had all reasons to wide it up at Jet Lee’s daughter’s favorite joint, The Blue Post Hotel. This is where a champ of my caliber from Mathare area 4 develops some swag and thinks he’s James Bond to summon a waitress and order, “A medium glass of goat soup—with a slice of lemon peel. Shaken and not stirred, please!” Salud! My Chinese buddies, forgive my English is sometimes like monkey.
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