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Mt Longonot aerial view
Guest Post by Clare Kimosop : Hiking and Trekking in Kenya is an activity that can be done in most parts of the country. One gets a chance to enjoy being outdoors as you marvel at the beautiful sceneries and as you also take in cool fresh air. These exciting tours are designed for anybody with a big and young heart and most important with good health as it can be very exhaustive, but with plenty of fun! Hiking can be easy, moderate or those difficult ones that will definitely leave your heart thumping!  
Hiking Spots include;
1. Mt. Longonot
Mt. Longonot is situated in the South-East of Lake Naivasha in the amazing Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and it is 1 to 1½ hrs drive from Nairobi depending on traffic.  Mt. Longonot which is 2,776m above sea level is characterised by scattered savannah vegetation with thick forest occurring within the crater. Moreover, it has nicely carved V-shaped valleys and ridges on its sides making it stand out beautifully.  
Chyulu Hills, A Trekker’s Paradise

Hiking can be done half day or one can opt for a whole-day hiking which will take one to the top of the crater. Once on top of the crater, one can have a breathtaking view of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha and the plains and farms of the locals. While hiking, one will encounter herds of wildlife grazing leisurely. This trip is a guided one by the park’s warden for guidance and to ensure safety. It will definitely leave your heart thumping! 

2. Kerio Valley Hiking
This one takes place at Iten where there will be two options of hiking;
Option 1: A 3-hour hiking involving a trek from Iten to Kessup waterfall
Option 2: An 8-hour hiking involving a drop-off at the foot of the Torrok waterfall and a guided hike to the top of the fall. A pick-up after the hike is usually at the top of the escarpment at a place called Kipkaren. 
 3. Other hiking spots
Taita Hills, Chyulu Hills, Aberdares, Kakamega forest and Mt. Kenya
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