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Many of us fear snakes while others hold them in some superstitious ways. However, I have come to learn that not all snakes are scary and…visiting snake park is fun too. So when I read about Bio-ken Snake Farm, ‘it kept me thinking,’ bearing in mind that I fear snakes more than any other animal…actually than any other thing.

Bio-Ken Snake Farm
According to, Bio-ken is a research centre, that deals with reptiles especially snakes and snake-bites…There are about 127 different snake species in Kenya. Of these only 18 have caused fatalities and only 6 could kill. Another 10 could cause a lot of pain and the remaining 93 or so are neither venomous nor dangerous.
The farm is a non-profit organization along the Kenyan Coast, about 2km north of Watamu village on the main road. It was established by James Ashe, a reptile expert and former curator from the National Museums of Kenya. It has around 200 snakes of different species. It plays a major role not only on Kenyan coastal tourism but also internationally with some of the world’s leading snake research authorities on snake bite treatment.
‘a reformed snake’
At Bio-ken, they produce venom for anti-venom purposes. You can also learn how to track, catch and release snakes. They have a collection of African ‘Big Five’ snakes;
  • Python
  • Cobra
  • Puff Adder
  • Boom slang
  • Mamba
Other snake farms along the Kenyan Coast that I know of include; one snake and crocodile farm near Malindi Marine Park and Francis Ngombo Snake farm near Gede. Have a snaky Friday!
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