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Kenya Wildlife Servive To Conduct Aerial Census on Giant Mammals

by Noel Mutugi

Aerial view of Elephants, image: Science Daily

Kenya Wildlife Service in a statement Saturday announced plans to carry out an aerial survey of giant mammals in the northern Kenya counties.  The targeted mammals include elephants, giraffes, buffaloes and gravy zebras.

The Survey will commence on 19th to 30th November and is aimed at assessing the population and challenges facing these mammals.

KWS said that this year’s survey will focus on the four endangered species in an effort to establish their total numbers and distribution. The collected data will be compared to the previous survey’s, to deduce species trends.

The statement disclosed that the activity has full support of local and international conservation lobby groups who will also be donating aircrafts and personnel to aid in the census.


Changes in wildlife habitat in these areas, that include Meru and Laikipia, have been attributed to climate change and increased human activities.

A similar survey was last carried out in 2012. Therefore, data collected from this year’s survey will come in handy to shed light on the mounting ecological threats and those brought about by human activities. Information on livestock and human activities, such as; farming, logging, settlements and water points is also expected to be acquired.

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