and Safarilink Aviation today announced a new collaboration which will focus on customizing packages for tourists visiting various destinations within the country. The new model will provide visitors with ready-made packages inclusive of flight fares, airport transfers and accommodation for the period of their stay.

Commenting on the development, Nafisa Fazal, Head of Marketing for East and Southern Africa observed that incorporating technology and adapting the delivery structure to the market needs will enable stakeholders to find a level playing ground with the global tourism industry. “This is even more important as product competitiveness and rivalry become more intense throughout the region. Creating convenience and consistency will go a long way, as both are major drivers in the sector”

According to a combined report by eTrack, eMarketer and released earlier this year, revenue generated through online hotel bookings has grown by more than 73% in the last five years. The report goes on to place the percentage number of online travel reservations at 57% while noting that a remarkable 65% of travelers will make same day hotel reservations via smartphones.

The report puts the total annual number of hotel bookings made on the internet at 148.3 million with corresponding increase in other aspects such as online car rentals, travel research and travel review. It is therefore important for suppliers and related operators to adapt, evolve and grow to meet global expectations by an emerging digital-savvy market. This should take major consideration of attributes such as travel and hotel bookings, virtual tours, content and provision of online payments.

Commenting on the partnership, John Buckley the CEO for Safarilink observed that, “today’s traveler prefers an all-round operator with a keen interest on value added services. Both Jovago and SafariLink will work in sync to ensure a seamless, convenient and cost-saving process for the customer”

This, as Fazal noted in conclusion is the basis of conforming the industry and re positioning for a future guided by eCommerce.

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