I know it sounds creepy, challenging and almost impossible, but it is very easy. It takes an avid traveler with guts. You don’t have to be of specific gender. Many aspiring travelers think solo travel is boring, lonely and dangerous. Well, it is as easy as literary taking a walk to your local pub, and or, a stroll to that mall near your home or even driving off to a hotel for diner.

In fact the best way to recruit yourself to traveling solo is by constantly going to lunch or dinner alone…try it out once or twice a week, and the fear of being ‘with yourself’ will eventually vanish.

Solo travel helps you to easily adapt to surroundings, easily meet with as well as be approached by locals. You also enjoy the freedom of making decisions.

I know, many are those times you’ve had to fit in other people’s schedules so as to travel together. People have different schedules and routines. Group travel may not necessarily be possible when you have ample time to travel, for example, during your annual leave breaks, your travel mates may not be available. These are crucial travel opportunities and when wasted recovery is next to impossible.

Solo travel is most successful when you have a proper plan; Here are a few tips:

Preview your destination

It doesn’t cost anything. All you need is internet. I will not lie to you, Kenyan tourist websites are like beautiful girls. Very attractive and elegant if I was to describe by the kind of pictures they circulate. Generally that’s the nature of tourist websites worldwide. But the easiest way to get the real word from the ground is via review websites. If you care, sift through reviews from tripadvisor.com, jovago.com for hotels, virtualtourist.com and safaribooking.com. These will help you make proper decisions on choice of travel agencies, places to visit and the nature of accommodation facilities.

Be exemplary smart

One, Its important to always stay connected. Have with you enough bundles or make sure your facility of choice has WLAN. Two, Never let strangers know you are alone. Three, When out there don’t eat out in shanties, actually the best place to have lunch or dinner is at a clean, easily accessible bar with secure parking if you choose to drive yourself. Reason, bartenders are known to be very interactive and in course the interaction you can easily deduce a lot of information about your new destination. In travel, even if you are a teetotaler, its not a ‘sin’ to get into a bar (‘bar of the beer and its relatives’). Finally, Always leave stuff like wallets, car or hotel keys at the hotel safe while taking a deep in the pool or bath at the beach. Alternatively, find a secluded place to hide them at the beach.

Be Alert

Travel is never enjoyable if safety is not taken into account. Safety starts with you the moment you start packing. Avoid unnecessary luggage. Do not display valuables such as cameras, smart phones and expensive clothing. Travel cash is better carried in credit or debit cards. If you have to, carry necessary cash only and make sure its hidden in different spots. Dress and carry simple in a way that doesn’t warrant attention. Inform your family and friends about your expedition and keep them abreast with your daily movements and activities. If driving yourself, stick to main roads, drive during the day and keep emergency contacts. Many regional police emergency numbers are available in the public domain, keep a copy. Do not forget your identification documents. If you regularly enjoy the bottle, stick to the bar at the hotel, to avoid staggering into dark corners when intoxication reaches unmanageable levels. If your bottle tastes better away from your resident hotel, inform the hotel’s front office staff about your away joint.  In case you suspect being followed or trailed, immediately inform authorities.

Be Generous

Be a solo travel ambassador. Don’t forget to tip every waiter, hotel staff, tour or taxi driver, security guys or bartenders. If you meet any like-minded group out there be it for a hike, a walking safari, beach volleyball or shaking a leg at the nearest club, be courteous to join and build relationships with strangers. If you have ample time, set aside sometime to volunteer at a charity of your choice at your destination.

Some of the Popular Solo Traveler favorites in Kenya include: Watamu, Diani, Lake Naivasha, Malindi, Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Bogoria and Baringo, Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lamu Island, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, The Aberdares, Lewa Conservancy, Rusinga Island, Loita Hills, Meru National Park, Ol Donyo Sabuk, Karura Forest

And If you are female, you have some more heads up on traveling solo here. Top Seven Tips for A Solo Female Traveler

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