Wellness tourism has largely become one of the fastest growing trends, now only second to culture tourism in terms of numbers. The hustles of living, increasing technology, great connection and cultural integration have all played a great part in boosting this new need for humans to live better. While it’s okay for travelers to set out their jaunts with a keen interest in discovering it all; more and more people are taking a different route, in search of relaxation and rejuvenation. Observing a growing preference for facilities that provide wellness components by travelers, Jumia Travel advisors have put together five main lead points to guide anyone planning such a trip.

Flying, driving or cruising?

Whichever mode of transport you choose, remember your comfort is of major priority. While other adventure oriented, thrill-seeking escapades may focus on getting you there than how to get you there; it makes no sense to arrive at your retreat center all spent out. For this, weigh all your options and settle on what works best for you, saving you energy enough to take part and indulge in the activities on your itinerary.

Look out for special/signature experiences

Your wellness fix totally depends on activities, events and services that you will be able to access and participate in during your stay. Therefore, it’s important that you identify and verify what’s on offer ahead of your travel. For instance, if you are a yoga-enthusiast, do look for a destination that pays attention to this need. For instance, a trip to India, where the practice was discovered thousands of years ago could make a great starting point. If you are looking out for great spa getaways, immersed in vast wilderness, then Mangwanani African spas strewn all across South Africa, from Kwazulu Natal to Gauteng and Eastern Cape will be a good retreat for you, as you can combine your R&R with other activities of choice.

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Chasing festivals and group activities

This March, Lamu Yoga Festival will be the place to be for yogis over the world. Similarly, lovers of other rejuvenating activities such as kayaking, nature walks and trails, book clubs and even poetry can join up to lay down a schedule that enables them to take part in this calming activities. Remember wellness travel is not only designed for physical fitness but also mental, emotional and holistic welfare.

Own gear and self-aids

As stated earlier, wellness travel supersedes physical endurance trips; to offer wholesome benefits that take in the wholesome needs of the human race. It’s therefore okay for an Olympian to take a break from daily training routine, and opt for a self-discovery round-trip, that does not include any form of exertion. Therefore, any preferred aids such as favorite books, records of music, items such as fitness trackers, skipping ropes are all vital elements in ensuring that you reap the most from whichever form of relaxation you’ll engage in. If you are planning to take part in nature walks, pack the right shoes, if meditation is a major component of your trip, remember to bring along trinkets that help you ease down and relax. Above all, open your heart up to new discoveries, and switch your mind to learning mode.

Your hotel facilities will come in handy

As wellness tourism continues to grow it’s following, hotels have taken cue; investing in equipment, services and even gadgets that aid their guests in achieving their goals. In Kenya, the Enashipai Resort & Spa is one of such kind; boasting of the biggest spa in the East African region, and yet comes with child minder services for parents keen on taking a few hours of me-time without worrying about the little ones. Segera Retreat in Laikipia-Kenya is another example of properties that have highly succeeded in creating harmony between modern development for creature comforts and authentic nature; therefore, offering vacationers indigenous experiences for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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