Music is a powerful force. Music and Sports are the two activities that can get people from near, far, rich, poor, young, old, women, men and children together. It is such a beautiful creation of God, it inspires many to do great things while lifting spirits, entertaining and sometimes educating all at once. The NyegeNyege Festival is a true embodiment of what music is. “NyegeNyege” which means the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance,” is back in 2017 with an even more massive line-up. North, West, South and East African countries are all sending their underground music legends to come and represent their home towns.

NyegeNyege Music Festival is a three day nonstop music celebration that leaves you yearning for more even after such a crazy party. It has gotten bigger and better with every edition. Now in its 3rd edition, the NyegeNyege Music Festival is an amazing gathering of music lovers from within Uganda and abroad, tourists, thrill seekers and anyone generally looking for an adventure in Jinja/Uganda. The aim is to that take you around Africa and the world celebrating music and all its elements.

The NyegeNyege Festival also gets to celebrate the Ugandan as well as the African cultures in general. From the vocalists, to instrumentalists, deejays, rappers painters, sculptors and hair dressers summing up to 200 artists from over 30 Countries all perspectives of the arts are present to display their skills on that day. The general mood and atmosphere is electrifying. Listed as one of the top 8 raves around the world according to NyegeNyege Festival will soon be Uganda’s Tomorrowland.

From Jazz to Rock, RnB to Hiphop and Afro House to Contemporary music showcased on 4 stages, the music is just a piece of the cake. The cream of it is the awesome location it is held in. Located by the River Nile in Jinja, the scene leaves you feeling free and ready to have fun. The thought of music and not just any music, amazing music, food and positive vibes is something definitely worth the experience.

JumiaTravel is proud to partner with NyegeNyege Music Festival yet again to make this experience even easier and more fun. With one click on the Jumia Travel site you have a ticket, hotel or tent and transport to the event. To book, head to for our special package which includes Ticket, Tents and Transport at only 250,000 UGX

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