The county hosts some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa. The interlocking nature of the tea plantations form one of the most amazing picturesque experiences in Kenya.

The county is littered with numerous tea factories producing tea for both export and local consumption.

Kericho town is the largest urban centre in the county and also serves as the county headquarters. The town and county are home to some of the world renowned brands such as Unilever and Toyota represented by Kericho Tea Estates and Kericho Toyota respectively.

Unilever’s history in Kericho dates back to 1924 when they began growing tea.

Kericho county strategically sits on the western side of the Great Rift Valley. Its home to some of the largest tea plantations that have placed Kenya world’s third largest tea producer after India and Sri-Lanka.

The town boasts of one of the largest Sikh Gurudwara in Africa and the second largest cathedral of the Catholic Church in Kenya.

The county sits on the western tourism circuit with easy access to Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Victoria and Ruma National Park.

Kericho is Travel Ready.

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