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Where the Road Leads To

In some occasions you wake up and just want to leave everything behind, get your bags and make your way to places unknown. You feel like everything around you is too overwhelming to handle and all you need is a breather just to gather your thoughts and find peace in your heart for a moment. …


Let Travel Be Your Therapy

Every once in awhile everything around you will seem so overwhelming, a little too much on both sides that you will feel like you are drowning in a whirlpool. Whenever this happens, most people feel like getting away; taking a breather and forgetting about what is stressing them to the brim but some people do …


Budget Travel Tricks

Whatever your tour operator or agent tells you, treat it as sales pitch! It’s utter brinkmanship as we all know; the end result is to nail that sale. So, as you prepare your next trip, keep in mind that you are better suited to get it cheaper with just a considerable amount of research. Here …