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Sailing Spots Around Africa

Sailing is when you employ the wind to propel, a boat or any other vessel on the surface of a big water body. The activity has been adopted as a sport for centuries although mostly in European countries and it is gradually picking up in some African countries. There are so many wonderful destinations in …


Top Things To Do In Entebbe

Entebbe is a little slice of paradise off the coast of Lake Victoria majorly known for being home to the Entebbe International Airport, the only international traffic serving airport for Uganda. Before the 1962 independence, Entebbe was the protectorate administrative center for the colonial British government which easily escalated the town’s development. The town is …


Lakes of Kenya

The day you find yourself in the midst of unimaginable trail of great natural beauty, be sure, will be in Kenya. The World’s leading safari destination is home to some of the best treasures nature has ever held. I am tempted not to mention the Eighth wonder of the world, but now that I already …

Adventure Travel

A Road Trip to Jinja

The meeting point was Watoto Church on Buganda road. A chilly 7am morning 15 bloggers and media representatives set off from Kampala, determined to change the world’s perception of Uganda one click at a time. KafundaKreative, Media8 and share the same goal of breaking inaccurate stereotypes about the Pearl of Africa. These online personalities …


Rusinga Island

Considered to be one of the most beautiful islands on Lake Victoria’s waters, Rusinga Island is located in the north-eastern area of the continent’s second largest fresh water lake. The islanders have a rich history that associates their origin with the royal Kabakas (kings) in nearby Uganda. Legend has it that the Abasuba, the predominant …


3 Days in Kampala

It’s Thursday morning and you just found out that Friday is a public holiday. You frantically search online for the best way to spend the weekend. You don’t want to spend too much money and you’re looking to have a bit of fun. Kampala. It’s an overnight bus from Nairobi. There’s no serious language barrier. …


Kisumu; a City of Nourishment

Kisumu, A gorgeous city in Kenya is home to the beautiful Lake Victoria; the world’s second largest fresh-water lake in and source of the mighty River Nile. This stunning city is located in the western part of Kenya. The name was derived from the Luo word “Kisuma” or “Kisumo” which means “a place to look …

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