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The State and Potential of the Aviation Sector in Kenya

The aviation sector plays a critical role in the development of Kenya’s economy, which according to IATA, contributed 5.1% to the GDP (approximately Sh330 billion / $3.2 billion) in 2017. This is besides supporting about 620,000 jobs in various related sectors including tourism. In the recent Hospitality Report 2018, Jumia Travel engaged Kelvin Mwasi, the …


6 Idyllic Season Stays That Will Make You Want to Re-think your Saving Plan

You know what they say about money, that it can buy you just about anything? Well, some say it cannot buy you happiness or love, but every new day, sources prove otherwise. I mean, all aspects factored in, who wouldn’t make merry on a cruise across the Atlantic; sure it may not guarantee you happiness …